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The Battery Care Box

Prix d'origine $280.00 - Prix d'origine $280.00
Prix d'origine
$280.00 - $280.00
Prix actuel $280.00

Proper battery care requires special tools and personal protection equipment in order to do the job right.

The Battery Care Box puts it all together for you in one box. MSDS information requires specific personal protection equipment since all forklift batteries contain sulfuric acid. This acid often escapes in normal use and come in contact with skin or eyes if unprotected. Protect your workers that need to service batteries in your workplace.

The  features:
1. "No Smoking" Sign
2. Acid Spill Neutralizer
3. Apron
4. Cap-Off Battery Cap Remover Tool
5. Face Shield
6. Flashlight
7. Hydrometer
8. Neoprene Gloves
9. Plastic Storage Box
10. Safety Goggles

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Battery Safety

The Battery Safety products keep your battery handling requirements and areas organized, safe and easy to maintain.  These products are designed to keep forklift operators safe from battery handling hazards and help to maintain a longer lasting life of the battery.  Quick, easy, and efficient battery maintenance helps to promote a safe and productive working environment for your operators.


Dock Equipment

The loading dock is the first and last place your inventory will visit at your facility.  These Dock Equipment products are used to prevent any hazards associated with the loading and unloading of trailers while using a forklift.  Keep your loading bay areas safe and operating smoothly with the Dock Equipment products.


Drum Handling

Drums are one of the most common containers in an industrial setting.  Despite this, they are usually too heavy to carry, dump or pour out by a single person.  The Drum Handling forklift attachments and accessories are designed to make your drum handling needs quick, easy, and safe in your workplace.  


Facility and Product Protection

Product damage and forklift accidents can be extremely costly to any industrial operation.  The Facility and Product Protection products help to prevent product damage caused by the forklift when transporting loads or pallets.  They also help to maintain safety awareness in high traffic forklift areas to prevent hazardous and costly accidents.

 Fall Protection

Fall Protection equipment is mandatory when working at heights in the workplace.  Keep your operators safe and as comfortable as possible with our offering of harnesses and lanyards.

 Forklift Attachments

Forklifts are used to move and transport all types of equipment and inventory.  Sometimes their standard hardware is not quite enough to get the job done properly.  The Forklift Attachments are specifically designed to lift, transport, and handle heavy or awkwardly shaped loads safely and with ease using the forklift.  Other attachments are designed to carry particularly wider or longer loads and all attachments can be removed from the forks when they are no longer required.  

Forklift Safety

The Forklift Safety products primarily focus on pedestrian safety awareness, the safety of the operator and efficiency and productivity in the workplace.  These products are designed to keep the forklift operator aware of all surrounding pedestrians, vehicles and obstacles and can also help to alert nearby pedestrians of an oncoming forklift around blind corners and not in view.  Other forklift safety products provide a clear view of forks so the operator can perform their duties safely and efficiently.

 Forklift Safety Lights

Almost half of forklift accidents in the workplace involve a pedestrian.  The Forklift Safety Lights are designed to mount on the forklift and alert surrounding pedestrians ahead of time of an oncoming forklift that may not be in clear view.  They also keep the pedestrian at a safe distance away from the forklift to prevent any hazards.  

 Forklift Scales

Knowing the weight of your load can be an integral part of your warehouse application.  The pallet truck and portable floor scale models can provide an extremely accurate weight of your loads when this is necessary.  The forklift scale model can be an excellent tool when only an estimated weight is required to load trailers or to be alerted when the operator is lifting a load past the forklift’s capacity.

 Lifting Booms

Unique performance, convenience and safety features are built into every Lifting Boom.  Fabricated from structural steel with quality welding creates a rugged and durable boom that will provide long term service.  Telescopic units come with an infinitely adjustable locking screw (except orbit booms which features a locking detent).  Fork pockets for 4,000 lbs capacity models measure 7-1/2"W x 2-1/2"H usable.  Usable fork pockets are 7-1/4"W x 2-1/4"H for 6,000 and 8,000 lbs uniform capacity models.  A 36" safety restraint secures the boom to the forklift for safe operation and each unit includes two lifting hooks.

 Material Handling

The Material Handling products provide an ergonomic solution for all types of applications for individuals working in the warehouse.  From pallet trucks, stackers, lifting carts to forklift accessories, these products give your workers the necessary tools to fulfill their duties safely and efficiently with ease and comfort.

 Propane Safety

The Propane Safety products keep your propane handling requirements and areas organized, safe and easy to maintain.  These products are designed to keep forklift operators safe from propane handling hazards and help to alert of any possible toxic exposure from carbon monoxide.  Quick, easy, and efficient propane maintenance helps to promote a safe and productive working environment for your operators.

Toyota OEM

To maintain the physical appearance of your Toyota Forklift, you may need to retouch the equipment painting.  The Enamel Aerosol Spray Paint for the OEM Toyota Forklift will make your forklift look like new.  The OEM Toyota spray paint is available in both gray and orange.

 Videos and Training Materials

The Videos and Training Materials provide a complete understanding of the operation of the powered industrial trucks in your workplace.  Your operators will enjoy the informative and entertaining videos, modern animations and creative visual aids that break down each concept of the operation of the different lift truck classes.  The Training Materials help keep your operators educated, refreshed and aware of all possible hazards surrounding the operation of all powered industrial equipment.

 Workplace Ergonomics

Operating a forklift for hours on end or for an entire shift can put a lot of strain on an operator.  The Workplace Ergonomic products keep the operator’s comfort in mind while operating the forklift for long lengths of time.  Keep your operators comfortable and stress free with these creative and innovative ergonomic products.


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