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Primo L MSG 75/531 80MM 12V Air Suspension Seat

UGC (C)1245384-A
Prix d'origine $80.00 - Prix d'origine $1,960.00
Prix d'origine
$80.00 - $1,960.00
Prix actuel $1,960.00

The MSG Primo L is a premium air suspension seat ergonomically designed to significantly improve the vibration characteristics of the forklift. Offers every driver the ultimate level of comfort.

The PRIMO L MSG 75/531 Air Suspension comes complete with:

  • Easy adjusting, super smooth, low profile suspension
  • Features a 4" stroke to even out the roughest jolts and shakes
  • 12V integral compression
  • Asymmetrical shape makes driving backward much more comfortable
  • Backrest angle adjustment: +45º (forward) to -30º (recline)
  • Adjustable lumbar support - great for sensitive lower backs
  • Heavy duty sliderails with 8.25” range
  • Supports operators up to 375 lbs.
  • Includes operator presence switch

*Photo shown with options that are available for an extra charge*

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