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Liftow, toujours plus haut depuis 1960.
Liftow, toujours plus haut depuis 1960.

Magnetic Sweeper

Prix d'origine $1,470.00 - Prix d'origine $1,930.00
Prix d'origine
$1,470.00 - $1,930.00
Prix actuel $1,470.00

By applying pressure to any of the attachment toe plates, this unique design allows easy and safe debris removal. A simple and effective operation, debris is released from the hinged aluminum collector plate at your convenience! Designed for light warehouse applications.

The Magnetic Sweeper comes complete with:

  • Up to 5” ground clearance
  • Easy operation
  • Maintenance free - great performance
  • For light applications - warehouse only
  • Lifetime guarantee on magnetic strength
  • Fork pockets included for easy installation

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