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Liftow, toujours plus haut depuis 1960.
Liftow, toujours plus haut depuis 1960.

Forklift Roger Radio – MURS 2-Way Mobile Radio

Prix d'origine $28.00 - Prix d'origine $360.00
Prix d'origine
$28.00 - $360.00
Prix actuel $360.00

Finally, a 2-way radio specifically designed for a forklift.  The Forklift Roger Radio is always on, is secured to the forklift and is License Free.  The 2-way communication increases safety, productivity and efficiency in a warehouse or office setting and reduces pedestrian traffic around forklifts.  Handheld Walkie Talkie models that work together with the radios are available for pedestrians.


  • Notify forklift operators instantly to get quick response times
  • Reduce pedestrian foot traffic in a warehouse operation
  • Reduce excessive traveling on the forklift
  • Quickly find product
  • No interference with other long-range radio signals


- 12V DC powered
- 5 channels available
- Range: approximately 1 – 2 miles line of sight
- Operating temperature -5 – 140 degrees F
- No license required, uses MURS 2-Watt frequencies
- instant power on when the forklift is started
- Antenna is attached to the radio
- Radio mounting bracket included
- Includes separate microphone with magnetic hook to mount on overhead guard
- Optional 110V AC adapter available for office applications
- Optional DC – DC converter available for 24 - 48V electric forklifts
- Walkie Talkie model includes convenient belt clip for carrying

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