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Forklift Battery Watering Gun

Prix d'origine $190.00 - Prix d'origine $290.00
Prix d'origine
$190.00 - $290.00
Prix actuel $190.00

The front trigger battery watering gun safely and easily adds water to your industrial batteries. The gun automatically shuts off at the correct fill level every time.

What is the major benefit of using a Battery Watering Gun? It keeps your employee safe. No longer will your employee have to bend awkwardly over the battery and look into each cell. Now they can insert the tip of the Gun and pull the trigger. This gives an accurate cell fill every time without back strain or the risk of an acid splash. With a gun, just insert it into the cell and pull the trigger. The main feature of this gun is the patented shutoff mechanism that prevents water from dripping over the top of your battery when moving the gun from cell to cell. Water can attract dirt and make the battery look like a safety hazard in a short period of time.

The EZ-Reach Watering Gun model features a 20″ nozzle allowing the individual to conveniently stay in one place to reach battery cells in front of them as well as the cells on the other side of the battery.

Keep your batteries properly filled and keep your battery tops dry by using the watering gun. Durably designed to last long.

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