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Liftow, toujours plus haut depuis 1960.
Liftow, toujours plus haut depuis 1960.

Accu-Height Fork Height Indicator

Prix d'origine $30.00 - Prix d'origine $30.00
Prix d'origine
$30.00 - $30.00
Prix actuel $30.00
The higher the lift, the harder it is to judge the correct height of the forks. Accu-Height is a simple sticker set that allows the operator to quickly know the right height of the forks at various rack levels. No more guessing if the forks are at the right height. Once the stickers are in place, the operator can quickly go to the right height. It only takes 15 minutes to install.
* Accu-Height is to be used with Accu-Tilt or Safe-Tilt Correct Fork Height for Entry and Exit of Pallet

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