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67° Self Dumping Hoppers

UGC D-200-LD-A
Prix d'origine $2,450.00 - Prix d'origine $6,030.00
Prix d'origine
$2,450.00 - $6,030.00
Prix actuel $3,430.00

Forklift dumping hopper that easily dumps material where you want it

The self dumping hopper automatically dumps when bumper release contacts side of dumpster. Hopper returns to an upright and locked position automatically after it dumps. Also includes a cable that may be operated from the seat of the forklift to manually dump the hopper. A locking chain is provided to secure the hopper to the fork truck. Usable fork pockets are 7½"W x 2½"H. Constructed with durable, consistent robotic welds. D-33, D-50, D-75 and D-100 are stackable if you stack the top hopper turned 90° from the bottom. Base fork pockets are 3/16" thick. The self dumping hopper has a powder coat blue finish for durability.

The 67° Self Dumping Hoppers comes complete with:

  • 67° degree tilt
  • Hopper release bumper
  • Automatically returns to locked position after dumping
  • Capacities up to 5,500 lbs., 3 cubic yards
  • Powder coated finish
  • Fork pockets measure 7½" W x 2½" H

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